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Find element

This is a simple yet useful tool that lets you quickly find an element without looking for it in the periodic table.

Enter the first one or two letters of element name or symbol, and the list will be updated to contain only the elements that match your search. In most cases typing one letter will be enough to locate the element.

Once you see the element on the screen, you can tap it and get all of the information available on that element. So if you just want to find out something about a given element, the Find tool may offer a quicker way to do that than the Periodic table.

Note that you can search for either symbol or name. For instance, if you enter "s", Silver will be in the list because its name starts with S. Tin will also be in the list because its symbol, Sn, starts with s.

You can also "search" elements by number. Simply enter the number you need.

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