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Electrochemical series

This is a simple tool that shows you how some metals are ordered based on how active they are. If you are not sure what electrochemical series is, see next page.

The elements are arranged so that the most active element is the top left element, then activity decreases as you go right and down.

You can tap any element to view its properties.

What is this series?

The elements in the electrochemical series are ordered by their activity. Basically, the more active elements will replace the less active element in single replacement reactions. For example:

Cu + 2 AgNO3 –> 2 Ag + Cu(NO3)2

Also, it is generally true that elements less active than hydrogen in this series will not react with acids (mind you, there are exceptions).

This page is just a short note in case you wondered, and by no means does it tell the full story.

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