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This is the latest version of PocketChemistry with a Windows installer. It will run on PocketPC 2000, 2002 and 2003 devices. You need about 290 kB of free RAM on the device.

Download PocketChemistry 1.44 (537 kB)

You can also download a separate .CAB file for your device if you prefer.
  1. PocketPC 2003, ARM (latest iPaq devices, 290 kB)
  2. PocketPC 2002, ARM (290 kB)
  3. PocketPC 2000, ARM (older iPaq devices, 290 kB)
  4. PocketPC 2000, MIPS (e.g. Cassiopeia EM-500, 313 kB)

Note: even though PocketChemistry is now free, it will still ask you for a registration code. Please use the following code:


Last updated: 01/07/07 Copyright 2002-2007 Roman Starkov
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