Pocket Chemistry
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Periodic table of the elements, equation balancer, molecular mass calculator - all this and more can be found in Pocket Chemistry. It provides you with a set of tools for PocketPC PDA which can be useful in chemistry lessons, in labs, at home, etc. If you have anything to do with chemistry, this program is for you.

Best of all - PocketChemistry is now completely free! See the download page.


  1. Periodic table of the elements
  2. Over 20 properties for each element
  3. Equation balancer
  4. Molecular mass calculator
  5. Property plot
  6. Constants database with over 80 constants
  7. Integrated help
  8. And more!




  1. PocketChemistry 1.44 is now free! Thank you all for your support - I really enjoyed working on PocketChemistry but I don't have much time for it anymore.
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