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Periodic table

This tool lets you view periodic table of the elements in a way that is most convenient for you. Use buttons at the bottom of the screen to change its appearance.

Periodic table comes in two varieties - narrow and wide. Narrow table, apart from fitting better to the PDA screen, has a special relationship between column and valence of the element. Wide table is more commonly used now.

You can choose how the elements are colored. There are two options - by block and by family. "By block" will color all elements having the same type of filling electron orbital (s, p, d or f) with the same color. "By family" will color all elements of a family with the same color.

You can also choose what information you see in each cell of the table. Element symbol is always displayed, and you can add any combination of Element number, Element name and Element mass. In every case the information will be positioned as compactly as possible.


Presets offer you a way to store the settings for a tool in a "file". This "file" is called preset, and is actually stored in the registry. The tools that offer them let you save up to three presets.

Once you've set up the table the way you want, tap the preset button on the command bar (the one with a star) and select "Save as Preset n" to save the settings. This way you can save three versions of the periodic table that you use most frequently in order to switch between them quickly.

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