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Element properties

This dialog displays the properties of an element which you have selected. You can switch this dialog between two modes - Element summary (summary mode) and Element properties (full mode) by pressing the blue button with a Σ character on it.

Full mode displays all the properties available for the given element, divided into categories.

Summary mode displays a list of properties which you can add, remove and reorder according to your needs.

You can choose the mode in which the dialog starts. Tap the button with a blue gear on it to display the Options menu, and select one of three options at the top of the menu.

Setting up summary

I suggest that you do steps in the following order to set up summary view. Note that the Options menu is the menu you see when you tap the blue gear button on the command bar.

Set up header. Decide whether or not you need the element header that shows element symbol, name, number and mass with a large font. This is controlled by "Show basic properties" menu item in Options menu. Do the same with element family and block.

Add properties that you think you want to see on the summary page. Switch to Full mode. Now for each property that you want, select the property by tapping it, and select "Add selected to summary" from Options menu.

Remove properties that you don't need. Switch to Summary mode. For each property you don't want, select the property by tapping it, and select "Remove from summary" from Options menu.

Reorder properties. Select a property and move it by repeatedly selecting "Move selected up/down" from Options menu.

It takes a bit of time to set up the summary view, especially rearranging, but you only need to do this once. Take full advantage of presets in this tool (see below).


Presets offer you a way to store the settings for a tool in a "file". This "file" is called preset, and is actually stored in the registry. The tools that offer presets will let you save up to three presets.

In Element summary dialog presets can be invaluable, as it takes quite a bit of time to set up summary.

Once you have everything set up, tap the button with a star on the command bar to display the Presets menu. Select "Save as preset n" to save the settings.

To load a preset, simply select the preset from the Presets menu. So you can set up to three different views which suit your needs in different situations, and switch between them quickly and easily.

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