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Automatic capitalization

Whenever you need to enter symbols of chemical elements, you can take advantage of automatic symbol recognition. This feature will let you enter "KMnO4" as just "kmno4".

Note that you don't need to (in fact, you can't) put spaces between symbols.

There are a few simple rules that govern how symbols are recognized.

1. The program will try to make the longest possible symbol. For example, if you enter "nas", the longest symbol is Na, and what's left is S.

2. A capital letter explicitly tells PocketChemistry that this is a new symbol. So, the string "nAs" will be recognized as N followed by As.

3. There are some exceptions to rule number 1, listed below. They let you enter some most commonly used compounds without capitalizing symbols. For example, "co" is recognized as C followed by O rather than Co.

As a result of rule 2, incorrect capitalization will cause errors. "NAS" cannot be recognized because there is no element with symbol A.

Exceptions to rule 1. CO, HS, NO, PO, CS, OS, HO, CF, SC, SN. If you think you need any more such exceptions, send me an email (see Contact details).

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